Juniper Bank Continues to Invest at the Riverfront in Wilmington, Delaware

Juniper Bank Continues to Invest at the Riverfront in Wilmington, Delaware

October 26, 2004
Spark Magazine

Company agrees to expand its presence at the riverfront in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, Delaware — Juniper Bank, a leading, full service, credit card issuer, today continued its commitment to the Wilmington community and the revitalization of the Christina Riverfront by expanding the company’s presence at Wilmington’s Riverfront.

We’re now pleased to announce that as a result of the leadership and hard work of Governor Ruth Ann Minner, and Wilmington Mayor James Baker and each of their teams, we are reaffirming and extending our commitment to the Riverfront said Jim Stewart, president of Juniper Bank. This commitment represents an incredible effort by the teams assembled by the Governor and Mayor including the Delaware Economic Development office, Delaware Department of Transportation, the Riverfront Development Corp and Wilmington Economic Development Office. In four years, Juniper has grown to nearly one million cards issued and $1.4B in receivables and, through the efforts of Nathan Hayward, Judy McKinney-Cherry, Richard Pryor and Mike Purzycki, the Riverfront community has grown with us.

Juniper’s presence in the Riverfront district began in 2001, when they renovated the Gates Building which now houses their Corporate Headquarters. After a review of all available options, Juniper has elected to lease a second building on the Riverfront developed by Pettinaro Enterprises, its current landlord. The new 245,000 sq. ft. space, designed by Joseph Carbonell of Moeckel Carbonell, is expected to be ready late 2006 and will allow Juniper to consolidate its Delaware operations in order to service the company’s growing number of partners, such as AirTran Airways, Best Western, Caesars Entertainment, Frontier Airlines, Gulf Petroleum, Midwest Airlines and Sinclair Oil to name a few. The Riverfront locations will provide Juniper with capacity for up to 1150 employees in Delaware. Juniper currently employs 370 people in Delaware.

We have been a longtime member of the Wilmington community; this is where we live and work, and investing back into our community is one of our guiding principles, said Richard Vague, chief executive officer, Juniper Financial Corp. Our commitment is a tribute to the leadership in Delaware who are extraordinarily focused on creating an environment to attract businesses and permit them to thrive. Of course, we are pleased to extend our relationship with the Pettinaros, who have been an extraordinary business partner over the last four years.

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Juniper Bank is a leading full-service credit card issuer headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware. “Juniper” is a trademark of Juniper Bank.

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